February 26,2018

The ins and outs of peer-to-peer investing

Even a couple of years ago, when asked what peer-to-peer (P2P) lending is, most punters probably wouldn’t have had a clue or thought it a short-lived craze. Today, it’s clear that P2P lending is very much here to stay and has become somewhat of a household name with both borrowers and investors alike.

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February 12,2018

Auto-investing and auto-withdrawal 101

Check out how to make the most of the Squirrel Money platform with auto-investing and auto-withdrawal.

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November 09,2017

Bidding and fund matching

Whether you're new to the platform or seasoned investor, we've got the ins and outs of bidding and fund matching on the Squirrel Money platform covered.

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October 19,2017

How to get your debt under control

Out-of-control credit card debt can feel a bit like drowning. Here are three strategies that help people keep their heads above water.

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October 17,2017

The Tiny revolution

The Tiny House movement seems to be sweeping the nation. What's it all about? Why are people choosing to go Tiny? Kasia Walker, founder of Tiny House Living in NZ explains:

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Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.

By Ambrose Redmoon

You can be successful at anything you're passionate about. 

By JB - Chief Squirrel
October 05,2017

Guest post: A guide to a well planned retirement. Don't panic, get planning

The team at Simplicity know everything there is to know about KiwiSaver and how to save for the future.

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September 06,2017

9 metres of pizza and lots of good questions

We ran an investor evening recently, where investors had the opportunity to come along and hear more about the Squirrel Money platform, ask lots of questions from the team, and celebrate hitting $10 million of lending. We had nine metres of pizza and plenty of drinks, so a great night all round.

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